Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 - Part 21 - Winding Down In Malta

Where Our Heroes
  • Find the need to rearrange their schedule
  • Once again are taken care of by the kindness of others
  • Are smiled upon by the travel gods
  • Ensure that street food is not ignored
  • Get to do the true photography thing
Time is short for de-I and Wife in Malta.  We leave first thing Friday morning.  Our schedule got totally rearranged.  Yesterday when I went to pay for lunch, I found that one of my credit cards was missing.  This, of course, led to panic.  Once we got back to the apartment we went through everything and found no trace.  We went through our receipts and determined that it had to have been left at the restaurant we had lunch at on Monday in Vittoriosa.  We called the restaurant and sure enough they had it.  So I needed to go today back to Vittoriosa and pick it up. 

(Can I do a little side diatribe here against those at home who seem to have this attitude that the rest of the world is out there waiting to get them?  I don't know how often I hear before going on a trip, "Aren't you afraid of what might happen to you if you go to [fill in the blank place]?  They all seem to live in this fear that the rest of the world is this incredibly horrible, dangerous place.  To be honest, the US is one has more violent crime than most well developed nations.  And they think that everyone is out to get them as opposed to no people elsewhere are just hard working folks who most of the time are going to do the right thing.  As what happened with my charge card.)

That necessitated us changing our schedule.  We were planning one last trip on the island and spending Thursday getting ready to leave.  We switched that around.  Wife did laundry and also did one of her Great Courses Photography lessons while went off to Vittoriosa.  That requires two buses in each direction and about an hour and half in each direction.  The Slightly Powerful, Phoenix, Kitty God of Maltese Public Transportation I think decided I'd had enough and all of my buses had plenty of seats and all of the transfers were with a minimum of wait.

Wife and I decided that we'd each do our own thing for lunch so I took advantage of this to indulge in some street food.

I've noticed this place at the bus stop we frequent everyday.  It's siren song has called to me but I've usually been too full to succumb. 

Not today.  Turns out it is run by a couple of German guys.  My German specialist SRM will have to let me know how authentic this was but they had a variety of wursts served on roll with a choice of ketchup, mustard and onions - the onions were fried crisp.


All around Malta you see these little places that have a variety of savory and sweet pastries and little pizzas.  We've seen that food service folks deliver the uncooked goods to these little places and that they bake them through out the day.

I decided to give the meat pie a try

It wasn't bad but not as good as the wurst.  Actually the pastry itself was good but the filling was a bit bland.

Tomorrow our last bit of sightseeing.

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Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

The SwRM verdict: I don't normally see German Wurst with that much bread/roll, but then again, maybe vegetarian me just isn't paying attention.

Good for you for rolling with the punches today.