Thursday, April 16, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 - Part 22 - Last Maltese Day...And No Falcons

Though we did see a number of nifty, fast flying swift type birds

Where Our Heroes
  • Find home is never THAT far away
  • Reach the end of the road
  • Make plans for another great rental house
  • Endorse yet more local product
  • Find proof positive of Earth's impending demise
  • Reach the end of our public transportation rope
  • Hit a golazo at Kris to end our stay
Because of the rearrangement of our schedule yesterday, we decided to fit in one more sightseeing visit - The Dingli Cliffs.  If we are on the far East side of the island this is as far West as you can go and not fall into the Mediterranean.

Say What!  Nueve Mexico right here in Malta!

Lands End - not really as we're on an island but it sounds good

It's Malta so there has to be something old just around the corner

This little chapel has been used on and off since the 15th century

And over the hills some building from the 17th century

New Rental House Concept

Long time readers might remember our stay in Spain in 2012 when we had this fantastic house with this crazy ass road to get to it.  While we were wandering the cliffs we found a place that had so much potential

Couldn't you see fixing this place up all nice?

But best of all is you'd have to go down this steep rocky road that where dome awaits every miss step.
The perfect rental experience!

I had to take this picture because even though it really isn't very clear because you could see way over back to the Valletta harbor area.

Drink Kinnie!

Aspiring Megalomaniacs Like It.  You Will Too!

Don't think assimilation is around the corner?

Wife and I have had it with the Maltese bus system.  It is a hard way (I mean beating up on your body) to get around.  We were done pretty early so we decided to indulge ourselves one more time at Ta Kris.  It was well worth doing because we had one of the two best meals we've had on the trip (the other also being at Ta Kris)

We started with a rabbit pasta and bottle of Italian Verdicchio (no more Maltese wine thank you).  This looks very tomato-y but was more Middle Eastern of flavoring and was very yummy.

Wife and I each had a grilled fish - sea bass and sea bream respectively because that's what's in season.  We agreed that they were the best fish of the trip.  And Kris was back on point with the great potatoes and vegetables that were a little off on Sunday.

Wife decided to try a dessert.  She's been pretty frustrated with desserts in general - sort of the same problem of her being able to make exactly what she likes and finding when she buys it that they don't come out so well.

We had these profiteroles.

These once again showed Kris' great sense of balance.  He put a bit of chocolate mousse (good chocolate-y mousse) around the filled cream puff and then the swirl of chocolate sauce over the top.  Each component worked without overwhelming the others.

We were ready to go but our waiter who had been just lovely over the four times we visited insisted on getting us an after dinner brandy.

It's been a good two weeks and a valuable addition to our learning how we want to travel in the future.

Here's to no more Maltese buses!


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

That's a great picture of the two of you with your brandies. What a terrific trip!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

That's a great picture of the two of you with your brandies. What a terrific trip!