Thursday, April 23, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 - Part 29 - Finding Joy In The Unexpected

Where Our Heroes
  • Trial by sick child comes to an end
  • Find that the least expected can be the most enjoyable
  • Introduce one into L'Ordre du Sangelier
  • Are taught yet again by Tom, whose the boss
  • Get yet another gastronomic repreive
  • Lean what can really be done with only a whisk and a bowl 
It's hard to believe but our Spring 2015 idle is almost over.  We get back home in less than a week.  We're winding down our stay here in the Ardennes and only have a couple of days left.  Miraculously, little 3.2 was much better today which made all of the proceedings work better.

We decided to head to Sedan which is just across the French border from where we are about 35 minutes away.   Sedan is noted as a place where a famous battle took place during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 where the French were defeated and Napoleon III was captured.  It also has a castle and you know how we are about castles.

It is surprising how often you find neat things when you are traveling off the major tourist byways.  Sedan's castle dates from the late 15th century.  It turned out to be a really nicely done restoration with tons of information.  It also turns out to be the largest castles in Europe. 

Our forces arrive and begin to scope out the area for the assult

On through the gates and into the main courtyard

 Clear out all the rooms and terraces of opposition

When you have a 3 and half who has heretofore reacted negatively to castles and does this one with aplomb you treat her to her heart's desire...a stuffed sangelier or wild boar

 We called this one Michel and even Wife was enamored.

Our lunch was a relatively nondescript affair.   On our way back our Tom Tom navigation system seemed to feel we needed to see more of the town and the area so were sent on this tiny little road around the castle and then through some small towns that we totally avoided driving in.  However, our culinary bacon was pulled out of the fire so to speak when #3 and 3A stopped at a local butcher who made his own cured hams and pates.  The stuff they bought we had for dinner and it was the best we've had on this trip.

A special note of culinary courage and savoir faire to daughter #3.  When she made the birthday cake for Wife yesterday, all she had to work with was a hand whisk and a bowl.  To make such a nice cake was realy a tour de force.

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