Monday, April 27, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 - Part 33 - Time To Head Home

Where Our Heroes
  • Immerse themselves in family
  • Make sure they are Fritified one more time
  • Make sure they honor the King
  • Look forward...very their own bed!
Hard to believe that our trip is just about at an end.  We fly back to the US tomorrow, spend the night in Chicago (an experiment to confirm a methodology for reducing the effect of jet lag) and get back on Wednesday.

We've been chilling in Amsterdam with the 3's and totally immersing ourselves in our family especially the grandchildren.  I've been especially doting on 3.2 as she is just 1 year old and in a phase of totally loving to be mushed up.  This will most likely be the last one we have in this phase and I've been totally taking advantage of it.

On Sunday we cruised around the neighborhood.

Found Daughter #1's International Empire continuing to expand

Found places for our sons-in-law

Had to have more frites before we go right?
(Kids weren't convinced)

More street food

And on Monday it was Kings Day Again!

The 3's celebrating!


Agent W said...

So glad you are having a great time with the 3's !!! Love all your pictures and posts!

alexis said...

We miss you guys already!!! Safe travels and hope the jet lag ends quickly