Sunday, April 5, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 Pictures - Part Six - More Istanbul Food!

Pictures from our Food Highlights in Istanbul

Our meal at Heyamola Ada Lokantasi

The dining room

Three mezzes (starters)
Borani, marinated, smoked mackerel & marinated local sea weed

The two additional mezzes, Kutzul brought us while we waited for our fish

Carrots in yogurt and Mashed Broad Beans

Wife's whiting filet in ginger sauce with fries

My local caught grilled blue fish

Hot Halva

Happy Campers

Nuruosamaniye Koftecisi
(The local meatball place)

Split Pea (or maybe chickpea) Soup

A meatball kebab and salad
(those tomatoes were every bit as good as they looked)

Kurdish Food at Stonehouse

A soup and the 'Kurdish' special salad
The salad had roasted eggplant and about four other ingredients that had been marinated together but I couldn't figure out exactly what they were.

A lamb casserole 'really hot' out of the oven
The lamb was perfectly tender

Last but not least
Our waiter from Mirabella during the power outage
Mehemet (the Conquerer)
He was a show unto himself

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