Sunday, April 5, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 Pictures - Part Nine - Misc & The Incrdible Sarcophagus World

No de-I trip is without some looks at the 'other' side of life.


Seems like an innocent enough subject.  You see a lot of cats in Istanbul.  They are healthy looking cats too.  In asking around we found out that Istanbulites like their animals but not in their homes.  So all over the city their our outdoor housing and people put out food and water for the animals Like this one my a guard post to Topkapi


The rage for tulips started in the Ottoman Empire and from there went to Holland


Long time readers know I'm always looking at signage as a means of understanding what a people really thinks of.

Clearly here the authorities don't want you to take pictures, moves or bring baby carriers.  But clearly some of found the vertical representation to be confusing so it is offered in square as well.  Also notice that the order changes in each of the squares so don't try to get around this by bringing the pram in first!


In the Grand Bazaar you can get anything.  For a man with a Tower, and a Crystal Palace, and a Hanging Garden, how could I pass up the chance to get a deal on a sarcophagus?

Entering the Grand Bazaar

On starts in Sarcophagus World just contemplating the possibilities

But one doesn't have to go with the simple.  There are other options

Wife kind of likes the more familial themes

I don't know.  I'm thinking something more in keeping with the grandeur that is de-I

Here we go.  Here's the one.  I wonder how much the shipping will be?

And the good folks at Sarcophagus World do more than just burial chambers.  They've got all kinds of other stuff too.  I particularly like this entrance way

It is modeled after the Great Gate to a Chaldean Babylonian City.  The little squares that line the bottom?  There these:

I think it would be just the thing to have as an entry way to Chez de-I


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I love the idea of guard cat! And I think purchasing a sarcophagus now demonstrates good planning. After all, if you want the funeral befitting an emperor, you can't depend on your children to arrange it all.

Agent W said...

Amazing pictures of Sarcophagus World!So many wonderful pictures in your last posts! Thank you for sharing your adventures! Looking forward to your posts on Malta!

alexis said...

Turkish-Southwest. It's the next new home design craze.

de-I said...

Southwest Turkey - Yikes that's the border with Syria! ISIS Baroque?