Saturday, April 18, 2015

Euro Spring 2015 - Part 23 - On to Amsterdam

Where Our Heroes
  • Have one last nostalgic Maltese travel experience
  • Test drive the Testla
  • Prove that if there are two dependable qualities of Wife they are children and frites
  • Continue their culinary adventures

Friday was moving day.  We had a really early flight out of Malta, 7:40 AM, which meant we had to leave our apartment at 5:40 - booooo.   Checking into the Air Malta flight was fine, no problems with overweight baggage which was a worry.  The Air Malta seating reminds you of their public buses just put into plane mode.  It was not very comfortable.

Good bye Malta

Hello Amsterdam
It took almost an hour from our landing before we got our bags.

We took a taxi to #3's apartment.  All the Amsterdam taxis are now Teslas so that was pretty cool.

Going to Amsterdam for us is all about visiting family.  We've been there so many times in the 9 years that #3 has been there that we're comfortable with the city and their neighborhood.  So if there is one thing that is going to happen within hours of our arriving it's going to be grandkids

And Frites!!!!

Literally being consumed within 3 hours of our getting their

I got a kick out of the Frites truck art work

It evidently is supposed to convey all the things you associate with Amsterdam - the buildings, canals, tulips, bicycles, and of course hookers

We are visiting our clan so you know what that means....FOOD

#3 and 3A had a reservation for us at an Italian restaurant for dinner.  We went out for drinks first (babysitter having been obtained).  

Lovely Daughter and Son-in-Law

First Courses


Smoked Duck Breast Salad

Papparadelle with Duck Ragout


Tasty local fish that I didn't get the name of

Roasted Chicken Legs with Greens


Walnut tart

Plum cake (something else I forgot)

Chocolate truffles

Tomorrow we're renting cars and heading off to a rental house in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium

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