Saturday, January 3, 2009

Enter the de-I Road Kill Challenge!

We've had an unexpected visit this weekend from loyal retainers Agent W and Gaius Derf from Salt Lake City who are in Albuquerque for a very hush, hush, secret mission. While here, Agent W regaled us with news from her daughter Aimee who lives in Northwest Pennsylvania.

Evidently during this winter season alone to date, Aimee has hit with her car

  • 1 squirrel
  • 1 turkey
  • 2 deer
Not only that, the second deer was only wounded. So the intrepid Aimee sought out one of her in-laws (father-in-law I believe) who assisted in dispatching the wounded animal. They then took said deer to be butchered and ended up with 70 pounds of dressed meat!

Based upon her prowess and by the powers invested in me as El Supremo de New Mexico, I hereby promote Aimee to the title of Aimee the Huntress. We expect a full tv series a la Zena the Warrior Princess to be forth coming.

Totally inspired by Aimee the Huntress' accomplishments, I throw out to everyone the de-I Road Kill Challenge. We will be keeping track of who over the winter of 2008-9 can achieve the most. Categories measured will include:

  • Total number dispatched
  • Variety dispatched
  • Total weight or that dispatched (you can estimate)
  • Anything else I might dream up.

Special points will be awarded for those who follow AtH's example and harvest the results - I hate being wasteful.

I expecting my fellow uber-bloggers from the great Northern Midwest Terri and Weaselmomma to be helping me spread the word. And no Lakeview and Weaselmomma ,the dispatch of fellow humans will not be included in the count.


Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Damn, there's always a catch. Can I use T-Rex?? Just not finding as many deer running through the neighborhood as there was....say 150 years ago.

Bernice said...

Last night I saw a herd of about 10 deer running across the field in front of the woods. Alas, I could not get my car out there in time. Should have sent DH on the dirt bike.

Weaselmomma said...

You are too funny. I'll definitely advertise this(can you make a button?) but I personally have never hit anything! Although there were a few people I would have liked to (but you said they won't count).

terri said...

I'm on it! I shall help spread the word!

I'd best use this hideous Minnesota weather to my advantage. The snow and ice should make it so much easier to increase my quota!

nonna said...

my first and hopefully ONLY deer that i hit was in seashore's van on the way up to weaselMomma territory this summer. i have learned not to swerve into a ditch to miss the animals, but i haven't progressed to actively gunning for them yet :)

Michael Podolny said...

Weaselmomma - 'Button?' There you go with more of that technical blogger lingo again. Haven't you seen my age on my profile. As Lakeview says, I'm lucky just to be making it through each day (though maybe he attributes that more to my love of wine than my age hmmmmm)

Michael Podolny said...

Lakeview - I suppose we could count T-rex but I might have to count your total by weight to make things fair.

Bernice - absolutely have DH out on that dirt bike. He can use the deer instead of a pig for your party in the spring.

Terri - and remember, no pedestrians!

Nonna - I'm confident that a southern TN girl like you can rack up a big score by spring.

alexis said...

no fair, I only have a bike.

Mike said...

HAHAHA! This is one of the funniest things I've read in a while. Count me in!

Michael Podolny said...

Hi Mike - that's a neat blog and website you have. Good huntin' in St. Louis. Maybe you can get some Rams (a lame football joke)

Alexis - you get triple points for everything you hit with the bike.

Terri - I'll do the same if you stomp on something while running :)

Aimee The Huntress said...

As of tomorrow, I get back behind the controls of my famous SMD (Suzuki of Mass Destruction)...and my hunt will begin anew!!!

Michael Podolny said...

Yes Aimee I love - Suzuki of Mass Destruction (LOL)

I'm counting on you to keep the bar set high! Don't forgot that upcoming TV series.

nonna said...

totally squished a bunny foo foo last night. i did NOT try to. it commited suicide by car (ya know like suicide by cop but messier)

i saw the little booger hopping away from the road into the grass. then the moron turned right around and hopped under my rear wheels. ugh.