Sunday, May 25, 2014

Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Le Mont-Saint-Michel is one of THE spots you're supposed to see in France.  It is a fortified abbey that was build starting in the 11th century and was added to for the next 300 years.  It is in a unique location where for the most part it was surrounded by water.  During the 100 years war during the 14th and 15th centuries, it was besieged by the English for 30 years and never was taken.

Anyway, it is one of THE places you're supposed to see but some how over the 40 plus years that I've been coming to France I never went there...until now.  Wife and I saw it was right on our route back from our Brittany rental back to Amsterdam so we decided to do a stop over.  It was well, well worth the time and every bit deserving of its reputation.  We really lucked out.  It is way before peak season.  There were a number of (mostly Asian) tour groups visiting but we were able to time our touring of the abbey between various groups so we mostly were almost by ourselves.

But first a final shot from Plougrescant

This is the little boulangerie (bakery)/
--> épicerie (small grocery) where I went every morning to get our bread.  The custom of the local bakery seems revived, alive and well in France

And now the main even, LE MONT-SAINT-MICHEL

(Le Mont-Saint-Michel is named after the Archangel Michael, my namesake.  I've always felt that the Archangel and I are kind of buds because of this)





Stairs - Freakin tons of stairs

Camera Sherpa After Carrying The Load Over The Freakin Tons of Stairs

Joy Of Out Of Season Hotels


Agent W said...

WOW! I have read about Mont-Saint Michel but have never pictures as fine as yours! Camera Sherpa and Mrs. d-I deserved a good rest!

Tom Parr said...

Awesome Photos!

Diana said...

Oh! The picture of the boulangerie brought back memories of our group trips with you and Gloria. Freshly baked bread, a pot of jam, some cheese...yum. Since you have an inside line (your connection to the Archangel Michael), how about booking the Abbey for our next trip? The kitchen must be amazing....

de-I said...

Diana - The kitchen was great if you didn't mind cooking for hundreds of monks over an open fire :)

Bernice said...

I agree with those who said, Wow! Those were great pictures.

de-I said...

Well Bernice you don't hang out with the Master all these years as Sherpa-in-Chief and not pick up some knowledge :)

Pulisha said...

So how did those stairs compare with Angkor Wat?

de-I said...


Much easier because they are steps that are more the size of a normal step whereas those at Angkor Wat were much taller and steeper.