Monday, May 26, 2014

Euro 2014 - Back to the Future-The Last Tango in Amsterdam

So we drove back to where we started doing what we started with, hanging with the #3 clan.  We just chilled for a couple of days before we head home.

Hey wait a minute.  Didn't we see the two of them just 5 weeks ago?  Did they even move all that time?

One new game -making sandwiches out of Play dough.
You can order anything you want but you're going to get peanut butter or spready cheese.  I know.  I tried. 

Another one.  Making dinosaurs from Play dough and the playing with them.

Always the cuddler in chief

3.2 is developing at light speed.
She is really reacting to the outside world now.

3.2 getting it on with Daddy

Thank you Daughter #1 and SiL 2A for your efforts teaching me video, I'm now in the junior talent impresario business :)

We head home tomorrow.


Agent W said...

You have a very happy singing star there!! Love all these pictures of you & Mrs d-I with your cute granddaughters!
Safe travels, my dear friends!!

alexis said...

We loved having you here and can't wait to see you again. Missing you already!

Pulisha said...

Wow, 3.1 looks sooo much like Mom!