Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Euro 2014 - Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

A regular feature of every de-I travelog is my interpretation of local signage.  You can tell all kinds of things out by seeing what various cultures highlight as dangers, warnings, and advisories.  Of course in the typical American view, the French are a bit of a mystery anyway.  So here are some of the ones that caught my eye after I did research on what they really meant.
Beware of Giant Lemmings Leaping Here!

No Violent Exclamations While Swimming!

Bikes With Spikes In Tires May Not Go Here!

Please Hike With Your Posture Erect and Correct

Parking Reserved For Motorized Prams

It Is Forbidden To Leave The Yellow Brick Road

Table Dancing Strictly Forbidden!

And the one that really stumped me

At first I thought it meant

"Adult Males and their Female Children May Cross Here"

But that struck me as odd.  I never saw one with and adult female and male child or adult male with male child or adult female with female child.  Then I did some research and found it means:

"Older Men With Younger Mistresses Allowed Here"

Ah, that makes much more sense from a French view point

A Short Note On Auto Names

I take a lot of grief about my Volkswagen Tiguin which honestly has a weird name.  But at least it is not a:

Or a:


alexis said...

I can safely say I've never seen a twizy here in Amsterdam. Which is actually strange because it'd be well suited to the tiny roads.

Agent W said...

Love this humorous post!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

This is great! I love a country that requires good posture while exercising!