Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Euro 2014 - Family Bliss Edition

We were very fortunate that the #3s were up for schlepping down from Amsterdam with their 2 and a half and 1 month in tow to spend a long weekend with us.  This was saying something as the 3s don't own a car living in Amsterdam and all so no one is really used to traveling long distances in a car.  They broke it down into two segments arriving on Friday and going back today, Tuesday.  It was very lovely having them here.

We didn't do a lot.  Wife and I played a lot with 3.1.  We did our turns holding 3.2 and interacting with her.  We did go out to eat a few times...it is the de-I clan after all.  Mostly we enjoyed being together.

Wife and 3.1

As I mentioned during our stay in Amsterdam, 3.1 just loves Wife and Wife is sooo patient playing with her.

Playing hairdresser

"Grandma, I think this hairband is going to be just the thing for you"

"Let's just adjust it a bit"

"That didn't hurt did it Grandma?"
"I'm so proud of you"
Hanging on the beach

We were lucky to get some nice days
#3 saving our bacon and getting us a last minute reservation for Sunday lunch

Daddy and daughter enjoying the water and (what for Hollanders is rare) sunshine

Sunday Lunch

Cafe Pesked on the coast

My grilled bar

Wife and #3 both had Breton Lobster

3A had Moules Frites (mussels with fries)
I tried one and they were great

A pear tart

Crème brulée

The best, Wife's Chocolat Fondant
A kind of molten chocolate cake

The 3s in Tréguier

We went into Tréguier to do some shopping and to indulge #3 in her desire for galette, a main course buckwheat  crèpe 

#3 and 3.1 in matching Breton black and white striped blouses

I wish I could have captured a picture of 3.1's face going into the cathedral
She was just wide eyed
There was music playing and she was happily humming along

Wife and 3.1 listening to cathedral bells

Nothing defuses a meltdown better than some vanilla ice cream with a Breton flag on top

Baby Cuddler and Baby

Wife showed time and again that her baby cuddling skills

And when you can get the one month old to be interested in doing accounting with you it's just plain magic

3.2 in post nursing, totally satisfied, milk induced coma

#3 and 3A - thanks for making the trip! 


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

What a nice weekend. Now I need to make a pear tart.

Agent W said...

Oh! How wonderful that you could enjoy precious moments again with #3 and family! Glad you shared these moments in your post!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Looks like you ate your way through another country!!

alexis said...

thank you for posting about our time, now I can just link to yours! We had a wonderful holiday and I'm so glad we had such nice weather!