Saturday, May 10, 2014

Euro 2014 - Our First Days in France - En Photo

 Here we go.  A whirlwind five days in pictures!

The Brest Airport
Looks pretty impressive, Non?
Actually it only has two gates and maybe a dozen flights a day

At de-I Brittany Outfitters we pull out all the stops for our guests

Guest Barry
What the &#!*@ are all these additional charges for insurance payable to de-I?

 Melissa and Barry enjoying the de-I Plougrescant facility breakfast buffet

The castle in Dinan

 Official proof we are in Dinan

Bell Tower

Scenes of Medieval Era streets and buildings
Dinan is so well preserved because it was not bombed during WWII

As I've mentioned, I'm a sucker for stained glass
Even though this is done by a modern artist, I loved it and the detail it has.

The walls of Dinan

Looking back at the clock tower from the city wall

View outside the walls to the River Rance

 Dinan's Basilica

 Hmmm, crazy French looking guy scoping out our trusty Ford C-Max

At Cap Frehel

Hmmmm, crazy French guy followed us all the way to Cap Frehel.
Maybe I should have offered him a Gaulois?

 A street in Treguier, the closest town to us.

Beautiful still life done by Melissa of flowers from out front and partially drunk alcohol

 Looking a Concale in the direction of the town and away from town from the pier.

What the BLANK!!!
Crazy French man followed us to Concale!

Small beautiful church found on our way back from dropping off Barry and Melissa in town of St. Thegonnec (but there was no gas)

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alexis said...

oh man, stunning! I totally need to restock on my medieval architecture. It's been too long.