Monday, May 5, 2014

Euro 2014 - On To Sightseeing - Belgian Trevia Trip

I am way behind in my blogging posts as we are now in Brittany in our three week rental experiment.  We have friends with us for the first four days and are kind of busy with them and running around.

When last we left the intrepid duo of de-I and Wife, they were staggering out of the battlefield that is tourist invaded Brugges.  I had booked a hotel researched through TripAdvisor that turned out not really to be near Brugges but about 25 miles away in a little town called Oudenburg.  After the chaos of Brugges, we welcomed the country side escape.  This turned out to be a phenomenal gastronomic experience that I will put into separate post.

Our Little Spot of Tranquility in Oudenburg


Where there little restaurant was

Beautiful flowers everywhere


Oostende is a seaside resort town.  It was cold and windy when we were there.  An awful lot of it could be a seaside resort anywhere but there were a few things of interest.

There was this interesting statuary on the seaside walk

With our love of frites we think we want to put this in our new backyard landscape

A nice fountain in their major downtown park

And as always a nice Gothic Church


We had more time to kill and we liked what we read about his town and its Middle Ages square.  Unfortunately there was the most crazy parking system ever with only parking for locals.  No pay parking anywhere.  We finally found some parking that wasn't too far out but Wife was pissed at the attitude of the town so we didn't spend too much time their.

 The square with the local church in the background

It's totally amazing what you find in the most out of the way places.
This church had this amazing organ

And some fantastic stained glass windows


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