Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hapsburg - Renaissance Trip - Out Of Amsterdam

We decided to do something outside of Amsterdam on Thursday. Originally we were headed for an island on the North Sea coast but a combination of the length of time it would take us to get there combined with the not nice weather made us change our plans and go to one of the many smaller cities in Amsterdam

Hence by foot, metro, and rail

We reached

The home town of Hyeronimus Bosch where he lived his entire life.
The Artist

We crossed over the bridge into the old town

In search for the gastronomic treat of the town the:

A fabulous cream puff

That has the thinnest of pate a choux balls with a dark chocolate outside and a lightly sweetened whipped cream center.

It as a great old center square

There's cool modern architecture

Examples of the Medieval Heritage

A top of lingerie shops

A really nifty canal ride in open boats
(much better than the highly tourist ride in Amsterdam)

A fine old town center

And a really great Gothic Cathedral with fine stained glass windows


Agent W said...

Love these pictures! The old town center and cathedral are beautiful!

alexis said...

definitely one of my favorite boat tours in a while!