Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hapsburg - Renaissance Trip - Last Days In Graz, You Want Kebab!

Today was our second to the last day in Graz. We've really, really enjoyed this particular rental house. It is a great location - a killer view and very convenient to our grabbing either the tram to the city or driving out of town - and it is just a beautiful place that gives a ton of pleasure just being in. You can be sure that I will put in a great review on AirBnB.

On another overall travel note, I think that Wife and I have done a much, much better job at slowing down and maintaining a reasonable pace. About 5 to 6 hours of being out an about is a good amount of time for us. So we are not rushing out in the morning. We're getting up whenever and having a leisurely breakfast.  Then around 9:30 or 10:00 we get going and do whatever we're going to do. And we try to be back by around 3:30 to 4:00 PM which gives us plenty of time to relax, go through photos, for me to post on the blog and then relax in the evening. If one is traveling for six weeks like we are, this is a maintainable, sustainable pace.

As we were in the car all day yesterday, I didn't want to drive. We thought we'd done most of the city but we ended up finding plenty to do. Plus the weather was glorious, around 60 degrees with sun and no wind so it was ideal for walking and pictures.

Our biggest thing was going to the Grazmuseum which is the historical museum of the town. Unfortunately they didn't allow photos inside.  It covers the history of the city in great details with lots of social history - some of it pretty self-critical starting with the Medieval period. It really showed how the city evolved physically, economically and socially. One nice touch was that everything was translated into an English book that you could carry around with you. We ended up spending around two to two and half hours in the museum.

Wife had researched that there was a part of town where there were lots of ethnic groups. We wanted to eat lighter today and were in the mood for street food.  We came to the Turkish immigrant street and we could have been back in Istanbul.  Literally we looked into one shop and the guy says, "You want kebab? We've got Kebab!"  Wife and I enthusiastically accepted kebab :)

Then we wandered back through town until we got to the Glockenspielplatz because we wanted to actually see it play. We were there an hour early so we sat in a cafe in the son and had a really yummy apfelstrudel and another Venetian Aperol Spritzer (I guess it's Venetian if it has Prosecco in it).

Das Photos

It was so beautiful that I had to take pictures of a number of things we already have posted about.

The Old Church

The Schlossburg now seen from the town

A lot of walking and eating today!

Had to have roasted chestnuts - They are all over the place as it is the season

"You want Kebab?"
I think any Doner Kebab place would be selling a lot more if they had the lovely contented Kebab customer making the pitch.

And I really loved our apfelstrudel.  The apples were so, well, apple-y! And the crust was more like a crepe than a pastry. It got better with each bite which doesn't happen much for me as I find sweets can become very tiring on my palate. I thought it way better than the Sacher Torte of a couple of days ago.

And finally back to the Glockespielplatz for the performance.


Bernice said...

I like the slowed down pace too. When we travel, we feel we need to see everything and are exhausted when we leave. Great posts on your trip.

alexis said...

I love that your idea of slowing down is what other people call normal. May I also say mom looks great in that kebab photo!