Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hapsburg - Renaissance Trip - Day 27 - And The Heavens Burst Forth

Today we were in transit going from our rental in the Veneto to another apartment rental in Ljubljana Slovenia. We had plenty of time to do this so we decided to take in a town on the coast of Slovenia called Piran. However, after having had remarkable luck with weather, our number was finally called. Today was rain all day and it is supposed to be heavy rain in Slovenia for the next three days. They're even expecting flooding. So that made the driving a bit more strenuous. But we got to the town anyway and did a few hours of wandering around. We lucked out with a fabulous meal which I'll describe below in the gastronomic section. We ended the day driving to our rental in Ljubljana which was tricky to find. It's in a nondescript 6 story apartment building but is very nice inside and has good bus connections to the center city area. Parking is a bitch so I don't thing we'll be using the car much while were here.

Feeling the Rain

Sad Wife bemoaning the rainy conditions

But No! She will go forth and photograph!
For she has her trusty Camera Sherpa, honed in the rains of New Zealand to hold multiple umbrellas over her as she shoots.

Scenes from the town of Piran

The kinds of pictures you get when holding numerous umbrellas

Piran Gastronomy
We were cold, wet and hungry. This is a real tourist a town and we were not expecting much in the way of food. Using the TripAdvisor App again, we found the 8th ranked restaurant (out of about 90) right by us. We had a wonderful waitress who was very patient with us. She guided Wife into purchasing the right local fish. I saw eggs with truffles on the menu for $15 and had to give them a try. If you are not into truffles, you should just turn in your gastronome card right now! These were awesome. We had two salads as starters, a half a liter of very serviceable red wine, a bottle of mineral water, the fish, the eggs and truffles, a side of roasted vegetables and it cost us $46. This with white table cloth service and a free local blueberry liquor afterwards. 

Two salads - cucumber and beet - I liked them combined

My eggs and truffles
I get hungry just looking at the picture

Wife's fish and roasted vegetables
The fish was flavored very similarly to the ones we had in Vienna at the Croatian restaurant.
Maybe it is an Adriatic coast thing?

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