Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hapsburg - Renaissance Trip - International Grandchild-Grandparent Celebration

It was Friday afternoon when the horrifying recognition came upon Wife and I that our daughter #3 and her husband 3A had their bags packed, were leaving their flat and had none of their children with them!

There is only one thing when life deals you lemons...make a meringue crusted lemon tart...or maybe a nice lemon curd...salted preserved North African lemons are also a savory option.  Never mind. Went on a culinary tangent.

No when we realized that we were giving the kids a child free weekend away we invoked the traditional International Grandchild-Grandparent Holiday. We were going to call it a party but granddaughter 3.1 told us that parties are only for birthdays however calling it a celebration was acceptable.

So we:
  • Bought crowns to prepare and wear
  • Blew up and played with many balloons
  • Bought and played with Noise makers
  • Bought and played with many stickers
  • Made and ate lots of popcorn
  • Bought and ate cupcakes
  • Bought and ate pizza
  • Watched lots of television (ungodly amounts of Peppa Pig!)
Generally speaking we all had a good time together.

A note briefly on the attachment of grandchild 3.2 to her grandma. She has been coming back from daycare and immediately running into the house crying 'GAMA, GRAMA!  We've joking called 3.2 Wife's groupie. Now she knows what it's like to be a rock star.


alexis said...

I think she's going to be devastated when you guys leave!

Rob said...

Grandma IS a rockstar!

Agent W and The Derf said...

You and Mrs d-I are great grandparents, as well as wonderful parents! Glad you had this special time with them! Thank goodness for Skype!