Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hapsburg - Renaissance Trip - Day 31 & 32 - Transitioning

We're done with the touring part of our trip. On Friday we packed up and drove from Ljubljana back to Vienna and then on Saturday we flew from Vienna to Amsterdam where we are going to be spending 9 days with our youngest daughter #3 and her family. We have visited them so often that it even though it is international travel, it really is just a family visit. But at the same time we love not only seeing them but we love getting to share their lifestyle in Amsterdam.

I'm convinced their is a special travel demi-god for the retired. I suspect it is a former Magical Unicorn Pony God of Travel that retired and became the Magical Unicorn Horse God of Retired Travel. We've had a lot of travel incidents while we've been on this trip but they never seem to be quite as intense as when I was in my professional road warrior days. On the latest, we found before leaving Ljubljana that one of bags was a bit overweight and our reading was that the airlines are really cracking down and charging for overweight baggage fees.

So when we got to Vienna we did a major readjustment of the bags and dumped a bunch of stuff. Then we get to the airport and they don't even bat an eyelash and on top of that say we can check our carry on bag for free!

Here in Amsterdam we are having fun with the kids and grandkids.  Grandchild 3.2 who is around 18 months is totally enamored of her Grandmother. It is really pretty funny to watch.  I'm going to try and not go crazy with the family pictures this trip.

Grandma in Action

Pop-Up Restaurant Chez Michel Shows Up In Amsterdam


Agent W said...

Such wonderful family pictures and videos!

alexis said...

clearly Sausage sees the resemblance between she and her grandmother.