Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Asia Mego Tour II - Last Bali Pictures and Videos

AfThe intent had been to just chill our last day in Bali. But on a whim a couple of days before I had sent a text to our guide Bob asking if we could arrange a cooking class. He was able to do so. This set into motion a series of activities that created a wonderful end to our time in Bali.

More Festival Goings On
On Saturday sitting by the pool after #1 left we heard this music coming from the village closest to us for hours

Then on Sunday it was off to our my cooking class.
First it was to the local market
After the market I had time to kill. 
Not much was open but ended up at this small Warung for fruit, fried banana and coffee.
But more importantly chatted with the owner and set up the date for the afternoon with the bamboo gamelan
We did five dishes at the class.
It was much more my watching than doing but honestly that was better because I was able to take lots of notes. 
What was on the menu
The fish pepes, fish in spices enclosed in a banana leaf and cooked over a grill.
If you can't find banana leaf I was told it was alright to use the leaves of the aluminum foil tree.
The food done
The Wife and I ready to dig in realizing there is enough food here for three meals
Wife and my teacher, the Warung owner
One of the owners two daughters
I tried the whole time I was there to get her to engage without success
Wife showed up for lunch and she went over to her in seconds
After lunch we killed some time walking around
We went to the warung but the owner wasn't there. I went to the shop next door where I had a good time haggling over the purchase of some t-shirts. I doubt if I really ended up with a good bargain but things were slow for the ladies we all had a good time I think.

Then the owner of warung arrived and what unfolded was one of the special times of our trip

If you see Wife dropping out of sight, you will know that she's gone to Bali to pursue her life's work as a bamboo gamelan artist

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