Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Where We Get Off Our Ass And Out Of The Resort

After four and half days of solid doing virtually nothing other than:
  1. Walking to the pool
  2. Going into the pool
  3. Resting by the pool
  4. Getting out of pool, dressing and getting lunch
  5. Going back to the pool
  6. Going back into the pool
  7. Resting more by the pool
  8. Getting out of pool, dressing and getting dinner
  9. Relaxing and having a drink
The hard charging tour leader and arranger, Pu-Lee-Shah, announced that we were going to get a car and driver and 'go out'...'see something'...'do something other than sit on our asses by the pool'. So I took out the camera that had been laying fallow the last 4.5 days and off we went. It was blazing hot (Actually it's blazing hot most of the time in Malaysia. The locals look at you and tell you it's really hot now but I've looked at the annual temperature ranges and they are the same all year round) so we didn't spend too much time out.

But we got to see some more of the island, got some good waterfront shots. AND we ended up talking the Langkawi Sky Cab which is steep gondola ride up a mountain. It was pretty cool. We also went on the Langkawi Sky Bridge which was also cool except for the incredibly long set of steps down to it and up from it that no one warns you about. As you go down there are all these people staggering up - and not just old people - with these haunted looks in their eyes as they were gasping for breath - yet you kept going because you had paid your $4 for three people to go on this stupid thing. There was of course a cog train that went up and down it but somehow no one was tellling anybody about it and you could only go on if you bought tickets ahead of time.

Welcome to Pu-Lee-Shah Tours
"Hmmmm Westerner looking tourist. You look like you have been wasting your time wallowing by the pool too long. Come. We show you how to really tour."

A cool lighthouse


Pictures of coast lines

Wife and I spent much time with Grandson 2.3
He is almost 10 years old now
He discovered 'shades' and was practicing his 'cool with attitude' look
The 'cool with attitude' look photo series

Langkawi Sky Cab!
Leaving the Station
Views from the ride

Arriving at the upper terminus
You will note the structure to your lower right
That is where the Sky Bridge starts
That distance is a 200 meter vertical descent and climb!
And it was in the 90's
Ye Olde Langkawi Sky Bridge

Views from the bridge

Practicing my paparazzi techniques learned in Kyoto to take pictures of two lovely Chinese tourists

Proof that 'de-I was there'

'Boy with attitude' narrates the descent
He told me to not post this
I had my fingers crossed

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alexis said...

omg I can't believe how big A is - almost 10! Sounds so much like his father, and is that a tinge of red in his hair? The views look amazing from the hell-ascent bridge.