Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Pictures & Videos From Day To Ubud

First thing and last thing we did each and everyday was take the terrifying drive up and down from the rental. I don't think these videos do them justice. It was like the trip to and from the rental in Frantaly...only thank goodness I didn't have to drive it.

Each time we left the rental and headed North, we had to go up a long, long mountain on a steep narrow road of non-stop switchbacks. Until this last drive we were always socked in with low cloud cover. But today, things opened up for us.

One of the highlights is a view of two lakes.
Most of the time it looked like this.
But on this day we got glimpses of it.

Scenes from on the road
I've talked about the festival period we are in. This is what it looks like to drive through a village with them.

More on the road scenes

The Balinese Minivan - a motor cycle with the Dad, Mom and kid aboard
The bread delivery bike
 The soup seller's bike
Various and sundry processions and preparations for processions seen

Vista of volcano

The Jatiluhwih Rice Terraces
How many pictures can one take of rice fields?
A ton evidently

Gastronomic Interlude
Roast Suckling Pig 
Please note that the Balinese don't have happy eels or clams cluttering their signs
So freaking good!
Back to the touring
On to Ubud
The Antonio Blanco Museum
Exteriors (they wouldn't let you take pictures inside)


Daughter auditioning to be a statue
On to Elephant Cave Temple

These were taken inside that cave. 

The temple is noted for it's timeless wisdom


alexis said...

weird to see a western meme at a Balinese temple

W and The Derf said...

Enjoying your posts & pictures/videos!!