Thursday, April 6, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Galungan Ultimate Photo/Video Experience

Our day starts out with Bob of Bali Tours coming by with all the traditional clothes that are required to gain entrance to the temples on this important day on the Balinese Hindu calendar.

Bob is actually a priest and will be giving blessings all day at his temple
We get to meet his whole family
The older girl was very shy but I broke the ice with her by having her use my camera to take pictures of her younger sister and mother. These were hardly touched up at all!

Putu, one of Bob's drivers, came and helped us into all of our garb. Then it was off on the long drive to two of the major temples in Western Bali - Pura Melanting and Pura Pulati.
There were opportunities to catch much local flavor

The drive-up offering store. Don't have your offering ready? Just stop by one of these convenient street side locations and pick on up on your way to the temple.
It was a cloudy day but there was no rain.
Scenes of the low coastal lands and the mountains

Capturing the full scope of motorbike traffice
The Sundry Store

Transporting the friend to the temple
Don't forget the offering
The ice cream bike
Transporting the comatose child
At last at the Melanting Temple
Wife and #1 getting ready to go in
Entering the temple

Now enjoy the experience of entering the temple and taking part in receiving its blessings

Once the receiving of blessings was over, we went exploring the temple

Then it was a drive over to the Pulati Temple, also called the monkey temple...a real major one. Lots of folks from the big town of Denpasar come here. There were so many young folks that #1 joked this temple must be the 'hip' place for the young Denpasar crowd to go to temple.
We were incredibly lucky. Putu found a parking place literally right in front of the temple...and this place was mobbed! 
Then we walked in and got the last places for the devotions and blessings for this shift.

Us sitting and waiting for blessings to begin

Everyone filling out after blessings

Some nice shots of #1 and Putu

We finished off by getting a very late lunch at a place that grills fish over an open fire of coconut husks
The owner, who I met, worked nine years in the US in Alabama, Nebraska, West Virginia, and New York City saving enough money to come home and buy this place. He had a guy playing country music on an electric piano.
The fish was yummy!

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Agent W said...

What a fabulous time all of you are having in Bali!!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!