Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Still Chilling in Bali

We're still chilling out in our villa on the hill in northern Bali. There has been a lot of rain. We've been told it is the end of the rainy season

It is the true tropical rainy weather. It will be sunny, a storm will come in and dump its water, then it will clear out again and get sunny. The locals hardly seem to notice the rain. We try to do likewise.

We have two women who cook, clean, do laundry at the villa, Sara (on the right) is the lead. Her cooking is excellent and we feel no desire to go out and try anything else. Her helper is Ayu. Sara also gives massages...really, really good massages...at $12 for an hour long massage.

Yesterday Daughter #1 decided that she'd enough of taking care of family and working life and needed to take a break and flew to Bali to be with us for a few days. Actually it was planned long ago but I like this version of the story better.

Today we had to go to the largest nearby town, Singaraja (which by the way translates to Lion King...who would have though Disney even here!) to have Wife's computer worked on. Thankfully the problem was minor.

Daughter and I taking in the traffic in central Singaraja

Memorial to a ceremonial bull cart race that takes place once a year. Ceremony and celebration are a constant part of life here.
There is a big celebration tomorrow.
Music has been playing for days.
We are supposed to go.
Here are some of the street decorations

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