Sunday, April 16, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Winding Down in Langkawi

It's hard to believe that the Mega Tour is rolling toward its conclusion. We have less than two weeks until we return home. We are currently at a resort the #2 clan on the Malaysian island of Langkawi which is way north close to the Thailand southwest coast. Resort vacationing is not what Wife and I do on any kind of regular basis but it makes total sense when you are getting together with children and grandchildren especially in a warm tropical climate.

Our days are pretty chill. Usually 2B and I go out into a town that is just minutes walking from the resort and get coffee. We found a local place that has a fabulous rendition of Malay style coffee. Then we all head to the pool. That's good for hours. We then go into town and get lunch, do some shopping, maybe have a massage. Then go back to the pool for a few hours, go back to town for dinner, maybe have the massage in the evening instead of the afternoon, go to lounge and play cards with kids or adults have a drink and listen to pour lounge singing group trying to create energy to almost empty room. 

Somehow we manage despite the non-stop hustle and bustle. Two more days of this and then we head off to Tokyo.  One thing I should note is that we have been focused much more on eating thanks to  being with #2 and 2B. I have lots to write about on that but will do it in a separate post.

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alexis said...

looking forward to the food post! Everyone looked very relaxed and it was great to catch up this afternoon.