Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Pictures, Ayutthaya, Say Wat?

This will cover our arrival in Thailand and the historical/archeological portion of our tour to Ayutthaya. As with China I'm going to concentrate the food pictures and discussion into separate posts.

Asian Discount Airlines We Love You So

 Even when we have to pay extra to even breath
 Or when the word 'Boarding' on signs actually means 'We're not sure when we're leaving'

This is a happy person because she is finally out of Airport/Airline World and into Bangkok
 Eating Dinner with our Nephew and his family. They live in the Bay Area in California so it made perfect sense to schedule dinner with them in Bangkok.


Ayutthaya, still a modern city, was the capital of the Thai Kingdom for over 400 years from the 1300's to 1767 when it was captured and burned by the Burmese.

 Buddhist temples or 'Wat' are found everywhere in Thailand. According to both guides we had, spirituality and faith play a very important part in the lives of many Thai people. 

The Modern City

Going down the street to a market as part of the food tour component

A knife sharpener

A general poster from the government encouraging good behavior

A local pagoda in the Chinese style since this market was in the Chinese section of town

Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Model of what the Wat looked like before it was destroyed by the Burmese

Going through the ruins

A modern temple has been built and is used today

Reconstructed Great Buddha
Pictures of the original destroyed during the Burmese capture
They built the new Buddha around the old

Comportment is taken seriously in the many Wats around the country

Wat Maha That
(It has taken the greatest of willpower to avoid titling this 'Wat That?')
You'd better not have any itches while you're here
Humongous Buddha head surrounded by banyon tree roots

Okay maybe not so humongous

Wat Chaiwatthanaram
This has some of the only remaining original woodwork and plaster on the statues

Indian influences
The original cultural influence from India in this region was Hindu which was later supplanted by Buddhism also from India. However many Hindu aspects remain such as this statue of Ganesh at a restaurant we visited.

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