Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Penang Pictures

The Mega Tour is coming to a close! We flew to Hong Kong today where we will be resting at the Pooh Lee Shah Imperial Suites for a day and a half before we begin the great schlepp back to
Albuquerque. And when I say schlepp I mean schlepp. But I will save that for a post in few more days.

Let's talk about more pleasant things like the pictorial presentation of the 'Official Pooh Lee Shah Beach Vacation in Penang.

Still in Hong Kong
Wife taking advantage of the crafts workshop provided by the child sweatshop workers at Pooh Lee Shah Imperial Suites

After heavy duty touring, we're going to experience the 'classic' Pooh Lee Shah Tours Beach Vacation' with the Honorable Dragon Lady Pooh and her Consort themselves.
We're flying Dragonair - marginally better than Air Asia and Hong Kong Express - more legroom and free drinks and food (though pretty terrible food).

See...on the beach!

Hmmmm you Trekkers you...doesn't this name look suspiciously like a certain capitalist race...I believe the invasion of Earth continues.
 I have to say that I am not at all sure how to conjugate the verb root of "Whilst"

I'm pretty sure the Pooh Lee Shah Travel folks said that acting silly and crazy was required to be on a real beach vacation.

Venerable Pooh and I went our separate way the next day to do another food class (special thanks to Consort 2B for finding it for us!)
I will cover Malaysian cuisine in the next post.

At the market we tried a bunch of things like various sweets (still don't like the texture and sweetness of most Asian sweets), pickled things, salads, and noodles - all served on your hand :)

On to the class room!
Our teach was a Nonya, which means a person of Chinese descent in Malaysia. These could be people whose family roots go back hundreds of years but they still consider themselves slightly separate and their take on local cooking as more refined.

Toasting coconut

Blending on of our curry pastes

Beef Rendang, a real classic cooking

Honorable Pooh
I AM the Master of the Kitchen

Deep frying the Malay take on fried chicken
The meal we made served.
We did pretty darn good I must say

Meanwhile 2B and Wife are doing serious bonding with a driver taking them to various sites in George Town the major city on Penang.

 And without culinary terrorists de-I and Dragon Lady Pooh they can indulge their desire for not so crazy food like fish and chips.
That night was Pooh and 2B's Anniversary so we treated them to dinner at the resorts on the beach grill restaurant.

Trip to Monkey Beach
Consort 2B says "you have to take the boat trip to some other beach or it's not a true Asian beach vacation."
Here we are on a beach with our craft ready to take us off
 Ah the bucolic ride on the ocean

Or the reality of the trip

"Dude! You got to have Beer and Stuff for a real trip on the boat!"
Panorama of the beach proving that I actually went into the ocean water.
Other major feats included buying and using flip flops and actually going into a swimming pool where other people were present.

 Then we went fishing to try to catch a fish that would be grilled for our lunch
This picture hardly captures the fact that both Venerable Pooh and de-I were within a short period of time flat on our backs trying to fight off seasickness!
We caught squat
But fortunately they plan for this and we had a great meal of grilled fish and other stuff
(which I enjoyed after getting over the sea sickness)


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Man, those Ferengi are everywhere!

I don't really understand the concept of leaving one beach to go to another beach, but I saw the same thing when planning my trip to the Dominican Republic. I like beaches, but they are all pretty much saltwater and sand, and look interchangeable.

alexis said...

I'm glad you got to try official Pulisha beach holiday. Looks like you had a great time. I envy being able to leave the kids with someone so easily.