Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Chiang Mai Or The Answer To Wat

So we managed to spend our three days in Chiang Mai and avoid THE MUST DO THING that everyone talks about...the Night Market. But to be honest, we are not night people and each of the nights that we had available we were exhausted from either travel or our days activities. So there your go. A sub-title for our trip might be - Eight Fabulous Weeks in Asia and Managing to Avoid Most of the Must See Sights.

On our departure day from Chiang Mai our flight didn't leave until 7:30 PM so we had another full day in the city. We spent the day strolling and seeing the sights. Actually since this is The Hot Season with temperatures each day at 105 and above, it was more like gasping and crawling from one site to another while trying to consume as much liquid as we could.

So as you look at this lovely looking pictures, please keep in mind the cost to get them!

City Walls and Moats
Chiang Mai was the heart of the Lanna Kingdom and one of the few cities where some of the original walls remain.

Our Hotel

There are 35 Wats in Chiang Mai. As a royal city Kings built them by the dozens. This photo collection represents only a smattering.

One Last Curry
It was a duck curry served at a restaurant clearly focused on Westerns with merciful air conditioning!
With my newly gained knowledge of Thai cooking I easily recognized it as a Penang curry :)

And could we possibly leave Southeast Asia without having and showing you the "Tuk-Tuk" experience?

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alexis said...

Excellent looking square of rice that! I cannot believe it is that hot. I don't think it will ever, ever be that hot in Amsterdam.