Friday, April 8, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Bangkok Canal Boat Tour Pictures

We actually ended going about 40 to 50 kilometers total on the canals getting quite a ways away from Bangkok proper.

Our super wonderful guide Nui
Probably one of the best we've ever had
A really wretched selfie of us in the boat getting started
Making our way through the city

We're going to pass a lot of Wats

This particular one is very famous and has lots of treasures but still had a deep meditation pull

This statue of the founding monk is made from 2,000 kilos of gold

View from the Wat
Scenes along the canals
Lots of houses on stilts
As we go further away the houses get nicer
A five servant house means you're rich according to Nui
I had lots of fun teasing her as to how many servants a house would have and if it were therefore 'rich'

Buddhas and home shrines everywhere

The Fried Banana Boat Lady
A yummy and welcome snack with us having a ways to go before lunch
(note: we once again play roulette at the gastrointestinal casino and wine!)
Orchid Farm

With the puppets from the traditional puppet show


alexis said...

looks like you guys had an awesome trip! Travel is neat. :) But I am of course dying to find out about the food.

Ryan Jeffery said...

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