Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Photos, Family Time In Hong Kong

Going to start getting caught up with pictures.  It took nearly an hour and half to upload these pictures so I'm going to consolidate all the videos as I did with China.

International Grandparents take Grandchildren to Cheung Chau Day
This holiday may come only once a lifetime so is very special

Terribly excited children reveling in the ferry ride across
Attempting to throw your brother into the Pacific?
De Riguer
"Come on old man! Keep up!
View from the top
Frog Love
For those two or three of you who know French, I had to take pictures of these.
Also for grandson 2.3 who loves cows.

With the arrival of the #1 clan we do the traditional dim sum brunch

Happy to see #1 and 1A no matter where

Serious Mother/Daughter mushing

Scenes of Hong Kong's south side from the view tower and cable cars of the Ocean Park Amusement Park

The Cable Car

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alexis said...

so many once in a lifetime experiences in our lives. :)