Sunday, December 2, 2012

Old and New

I wouldn't exactly call Wife and I resistant to change but we aren't exactly early adopters either as I think I've written about before.  But every once in a while we just decided that we have to change some things.  Thus it was with some degree of shock when Wife came home this week with some new water glasses.

While we have 'nice glasses' for when we have guests, we don't really like them for day-to-day use because they are too heavy.  Our beloved day-to-day glasses are nice and light and have a lovely hand feel.  Unfortunately they are showing the signs of age and through gradual breakage we are getting rather low in number.

The old glass

It may look like this is a dirty glass but in fact is just the long slow effect of etching from being in the dishwasher a few times.  Actually more than a few as we bought these some time in the mid-1980's.  So I'm thinking these are at least 25 year old glasses.  They've done their duty well.

Wife broke one on Tuesday night and that was it.  She was in Target and found these for just a dollar a piece.

The new glass

Changing of the regime

The Glass is Dead...Long Live the Glass


terri said...

I believe Mark and I own the matching set to your old glasses. I've also been tempted to replace them, but since no one really likes to drink out of the glass glasses, I haven't been highly motivated to look for anything new.

de-I said...

Terri - They don't like to drink out of glass glasses??? What do they like to drink out of...Pewter?

alexis said...

I am a little sad to see the old glasses go! I guess it's easy to recycle them or donate them though isn't it?

Agent W said...

Just the other day, we were comenting on how dull our old glassware were looking. I think we need to keep an eye out for some new stuff! AW & The Derf

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Now you'll know what color your drink is finally!!!

Pulisha said...

Nooooooooo! What happened to the good old Podolny family tradition of holding onto everything even if it's broken (a little duct tape never hurt anybody!)?

We'll miss you old glasses.