Saturday, December 29, 2012


This is a catchup post from the week before Christmas.  I had to run out to Boston for a quick business trip.  I was fortunate that one of my companions grew up in Boston and has lots of contacts and relatives there still.  We were on our own for dinner without our client and he took me to the Union Lobster House, supposedly the oldest restaurant in the US still operating and a mecca for traditional New England seafood.  I love seafood especially all kinds of shellfish. 

As we were in business regalia, I decided I would forgo the traditional steamed lobster which is quite a mess to eat as you whack away on shells getting at the goodness inside.  I decided to go with some clams on the half shell and a sedate lobster scampi.  Figured I'd get my lobster meat without the work.

Here is what came out.

Fully a half a lobster on some linguine.  I was surprised but not upset.  And my friend had ordered a New England Seafood Soup.  Like this:

Hence we both put our bibs on and waded gleefully in.


Agent W said...

Looks delicious!

terri said...

That definitely looks like your kind of meal!

alexis said...

oh man - lobster envy!