Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh Magical Unicorn Pony Travel God - Why Have You Forsaken Me!

I have been on such a long roll of travel without problems that perhaps I have gotten lax in my performance of the necessary ritual sacrifices. After a relatively mellow day in Los Angeles with my having arrived in Burbank, CA with plenty of time for my flight home, they announced about 45 minutes before the flight that the plane was canceled for mechanical issues.

So we do the dash back out to the terminal and wait in line to see what they can rebook us with. I was thinking the worse since we are in the middle of vacation season. I was flying USAir and they found a direct flight for me out of LAX on United which is my preferred airline. And it was a direct flight. It would get me into Albuquerque at 11:40 instead of 9:15. Not too bad.

The shuttle ride to LAX was uneventful and I'm sitting in Ye Olde Red Carpet Club with a glass of wine and the internet to while away the hours until my flight goes.


alexis said...

I believe consuming wine in honor of the Magical Unicorn Pony Gods of Travel is an acceptable form of worship

Anonymous said...

Glad they got you taken care of! Sometimes at the hotel we will give guests free cocktail coupons or breakfast coupons if an issue occurs. I find that cocktail coupons are typically more popular.

terri said...

Legend has it that you can secure your place in the good graces of the Magical Unicorn Pony Travel God by sending cheesecake to your favorite blog friends.

Just a thought. You have my address, right? ;-)

Mike said...

I'd go nuts if I traveled as much as you do. Navigating the unknowns of the airline industry seems to be an art in itself.