Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bad News and Good News

The bad news is that like most of the southern US we are going through a drought of epic proportions. We are now one month into the official 'rainy monsoon season' and the Albuquerque airport's official measurable precipitation is 0 as in zero, none, nadah, no measurable precipitation.

On the good news front, for some bizarre reason, the City of Albuquerque reopened its open space so the foothill behind the house, home to the Trail of Death, is back available to me which I did last weekend.


alexis said...

interesting, I wonder if they figure there isn't enough to burn in that area. We had to look up La Nina and indeed looks like bad deal for NM!

heyojules said...

Hope you get some rain soon! I hope we get some too so I don't have to drag out the hose to water everything. Yay for the trail being reopened!

Mike said...

At least you got your hiking trail back... although it is bizzare that they have reopened it after zero improvement in the conditions. Oh well... why question it, I suppose.