Saturday, July 16, 2011

End of My Auto Ordeal

You may remember way back in February my frustrations related to my attempt to purchase a Volkswagen Tiguan. While being told that a car was going to be shipped from another dealer in the US, instead an order for a new car was put in which entailed waiting many months before getting the car. I was OK with this because I was fine with putting off having a car payment.

Fast forward to July. Since finding out about this, I not once was contacted by the dealership with any information about the car's status. When I called them, I would often be told that they though it might be built in this time frame, and after it was built that it might be shipped in another time frame, and finally that it was on the dock in Houston but they really didn't know when it would actually show up. By the way, I am being told this always in a patronizing tone of voice by the Sales Manager, my sales person having disappeared.

This last piece of news I got in early June. I figured, what, it'd take 2 weeks maybe to get a car from Houston to Albuquerque. Comes the 4th of July weekend, no car, no news. I finally hit my breaking point. I faxed off a letter canceling my order and asking for my deposit back. This by the way finally resurrected the mysterious salesperson who left a voice mail telling me that he had news on my vehicle. I voice mailed him back telling him all I wanted was my damn deposit back. Which we finally got this week.

In the interim business is going through a soft spell and neither Wife nor I are comfortable shelling out any funds for a new car or even a used one. So ye olde Dodge Durango looks like it may be here for quite a while.

I have never done this on a public forum but if you ever have the opportunity to do business with University Volkswagen...DON'T!


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

I hereby promise to never do business with University Volkswagen.

And I'm so sorry you didn't get your car. I hope you can get something new(er) soon.

Pulisha said...

Sorry, Daddy-o :( I know you were looking forward to that specific vehicle.

alexis said...

Indeed, the length of time for which you put up with that s*** says louder than words how keen you were to get the car.

I will definitely spread the word to the few ABQ people I am still in touch with to avoid that place. At least as you say, the positive side is that you can sit a bit more comfortably with this slow patch of business without the car pmt.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

It's good to call out businesses that provide bad service and to do so publicly! Good for you. Long live the long as you have brakes on the damn thing!

Anonymous said...

I hate car shopping. I always feel like I"m getting screwed.

Mike said...

:( That sucks. It's a shame that so many businesses work this way anymore.