Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sneak Preview of MR Enhanced - Fashionalbe Mrs. de-I

As requested by the hoards of fans (I think two comments count as a hoard...a small hoard, but a hoard nonetheless) I have gotten the always camera shy Mrs. de-I (ironic isn't for such photographer) to agree to some pictures of her new/Motherrocker inspired wardrobe. Please remember who the photographer was and the conditions and equipment I use (go PDA)

Ready to Rip Your Heart Out
I took this shot of Wife as she picked me up from the airport to go out for a dinner date

Dining with the Captain?
For that formal dinner on the boat on the Danube.
The shawl is a Peshmina that I bought her years ago

A Glass of Sauvignon Blanc at the Picnic?
MR picked out this top and dress which I think will be great for informal outings in the warmer weather
I hope to make another post on the subject of the kitchen later tonight. Lot's of problems but it is going to be great when done.


Bernice said...

Man, I am going to have to get on the ball with this fashion trend. I have been wearing the same old .. for years. Mrs. de-I, you inspire me.

Louise said...

Lookin' good, Mrs. d-I !!!!

Agent W

alexis said...

I love the skirt in the last picture!! Very hip mom. Now we need to work on the deer-in-headlights posing.

stef said...

Agreed. I will give you some picture-taking pointers when we next speak moms! i actually really like the creamy pashmina with the dark dress. Very lux!

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Aunt de-I, the outfits are great. But is there a firing squad on the other side of the camera?

Michael Podolny said...

Let's have a little more positive reinforcement on getting the Mrs. in front of the camera - I had a hard enough time just getting these! Plus there's a lot to be said for the fault being with the camera operator.

Maaira said...

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