Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Real Guys....

...Tailgate in single digit weather. Get together with the guys at the bar. Pump iron. Watch Top Chef?????

At least that's what resident Chicago 'real guy' Lakeview Coffee and I did tonight. My meetings in Des Moines ended early enough for me to catch an earlier flight. I got one of the last two standby seats on the Canadair Regional flying sardine can and was given the very last seat in the back. But as luck would have it they have first class on this little plane and with one empty seat there, gave it to me. Who'd a thunk I was the most senior United flyer on that plane?

So we went to a local Italian place for dinner which I hope Lakeview writes about because he took pictures and then sat down to watch Top Chef because a local Chicago chef whose restaurant we'd gotten love and who we met often at the restaurant (Stephanie Izard) is in the competition. Well our girl Stephanie bombed out of the first Quick Fire Challenge which is not an elimination round and came back to win the first round. Go Stephanie.

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Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

On the advice of my attorney, and several people on my softball team, I can neither confirm nor deny any participation in watching (and enjoying) Top Chef. I will say that if you're a chef who is on Top Chef and that it's being filmed in Chicago, you should freaking KNOW that at some point they are going to ask you to cook a pizza. C'mon, it's common sense. For those chefs that were "surprised" by it being the first dish they had to make, you're a freaking idiot.