Friday, March 10, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Yanagawa Pictures

I decided that I had way too many pictures from the visit to Yanagawa and Dazaifu to put into one post. So we'll start with Yanagawa.

Much like Airport World and Train Station World or Metro/Subway World, there exists a Canal/Inner Waterway World. Doesn't make any difference if you do it in the Netherlands, in the US, in Italy, in Vietnam, or in Japan, there is a similarity to all these towns and city that have inland waterways that have become tourist attractions. Yanagawa is the Kyushu, Japan version.

Folks here want you to know that that "You Are Welcome"

Even hungry eels are welcome in Yanagawa
Yes, there are two things you need to know about Yanagawa
Boat Punters and Eels
Here we are at the place where we will get our boat. It's a pretty quiet time of the season. Things must be a madhouse when it gets warmer.
Your Canal World experience is totally dependent upon your boat punter.
We totally lucked out.
This guy was just incredibly entertaining. 
 He went non-stop the whole hour we were on the boat.
Even though we didn't understand any of it other than what our guide translated, his sheer enthusiasm was infectious. I had to take multiple videos to really capture the experience.
Then there were all the bridges that were just barely over water level that we went under. I wonder what happens when there are floods!
Our guy also sang various folk and children's songs to us

Scenes from along the canal

A man drawing
The owner of the 'float through' snack shop

Lots of blooming plum and cherry trees

Buildings and the waterway

Fishing nets
Why are all the eels that are to be eaten look so happy?
Local decorations

What do you think Wife about eel for lunch?
Is it like trout?
Uh no
Okay we have the non-eel option
For the rest of us, the eel was just like the Unagi you get as sushi

And of course - Signs of the World
Not sure this is how we'd translate this


alexis said...

it looks like a lovely place, but was it as gray as it seems in the pictures?

de-I said...

Yes Alexis it was very grey that morning.