Friday, March 31, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Some Taiwanese Video Catch-Up

Taiwanese Video Catch-up - not some form of strange fish based condiment - though it would be cool if it was 😜

No the Hotel Cosmos (which things very highly of itself) didn't have as good of an internet as everywhere else we stayed in Japan and Taiwan so I wasn't able to get three videos posted from our last day in Taiwan.
Review - The East Coast

Review - The cool geological place on the beach

New and Exclusive - Only on de-Intimidator!!!!!
Absolute Required for Survival in Taiwan

You see this
 And this!
But these stills don't fill you with that desire.
This does!

It is the All-Taiwanese advertising symbol for BETEL NUT RETAILERS! 
And you thought, "de-I if I go to Taiwan like you want me to, where the heck am I going to get my betel nut fix?"
Silly person. This is Taiwan. This is a first world country. You will me that far from someone who can sell you a nice wad of betel nut.

Just don't look for the underage, sexy clad betel nut sales girls. That practice has been outlawed and replaced by the flashing light signs.

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alexis said...

I was wondering what the signs would be for!