Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Kagoshima Pictures

As noted earlier, we went out on the last morning we were in Kagoshima to capture the pictures that we were not able to get because of the rainy weather on Sunday. This proves that despite being terrifyingly organized as one commentator posted, we are still capable of being flexible as well (Hah!)

Our Hotel and View from Room
(And yes that is a volcano and yes we were very glad it decided to not irrupt while we were there)

Miscellaneous Buildings

Famous folk from the Meiji Restoration Period 

Arrival of St. Francis Xavier in the 16th century

Other Statues
Young samurai training

Symbols of Japan
Shrines and Temples

Vending machines
Plum flowers and vending machines together
English signs that make you say 'What?'

Not otherwise categorized

And our always popular 'Signs of the World' series
I believe this one says, "In case of Earthquake run to green circles'
I think this says 'Kagoshima: Great Pork comes from Great Volcanos' 
Eating Teppanyaki

Each food had its specific sauce. I had to ask which one went with which.
We had bean sprouts, spinach, mushrooms, beef, chicken, and shrimp

Lunch at a whole in the wall out of the rain
Soba noodles in a delicious broth
Sardine begnets deep fried to order in a batter made in front of our eyes
Dinner on Sunday night
We are getting used to ordering a number of dishes that are eaten all at the same time.
Includes sashimi, shrimp tempura, chicken skin and tail yakatori, a daikon radish salad and a rice bowel where you added chicken and other components along with broth.
 First Ramen in the Kagoshimachuo train station. A local version with the broth make from the local pork.

First Meal in Fukuoka
Includes: fried chicken wings (a challenge to eat with chop sticks, miso marinated fish, fried shrimp with mayo, a different version of daikon radish challenge and edamame. We ordered two sake (rice wine) and they gave us two different types to try different varieties.


JRR said...

wonderful wonderful food

alexis said...

yeah that meal looks amazing!

Agent W and the Derf said...

Wow! Wonderful looking food & great pictures!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

The sign series is my favorite. Luckily I don't live in an earthquake zone, as there are remarkably few green circle around.