Monday, March 20, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - Japan-Taiwan Transition Pictures

On Sunday we made the transition from Japan to Taiwan. Generally speaking I don't write too much or take pictures of airports because as a regular denizen of Airport World they pretty much all resemble one another. However, Kansei Airport which serves Osaka is really a pretty spectacular place in its own right. I forget when it was built (not terribly long ago) but it was constructed on a man made island and you take this causeway to get to it. There is a hotel right in the airport that I decided to use as it was super convenient.
Making our way to the terminal for the hell that is Jetstar Asia Airlines
 Being reminded that if we really, really want it, Burger King is ready for us
After the uneventful flight to Taipei, super long wait at immigration and long drive from Taoyuan Airport into town we arrive at your hotel.
It is right across the street from one of the main parks in Taipei, Da'an Park

 On the two corners of the main street across from the park and next to the hotel are all the comforts of home.

The front desk people at the hotel are very friendly and give us directions of how to get to a major food area nearby. So it is off we go.
It is Sunday and the town is hoping

The first place we stop at we have a local, a young woman, tell us in English "This place is great. Come on in." She then proceeds to help us with the staff and share some of her and her boyfriend's food - sweet and sour pork and some braised tofu. Uh that bottle of clear liquid is a half bottle of Taiwanese firewater that was way more alcohol than we thought it was...not that that stopped us from finishing it...we did make it home.
We ordered one of our favorites, a whole steamed fish with some stir fried greens.
The whole area was going full force when we got out.

Travel books and blogs tell you if a food place has a long line, get it it because it will most likely be something good. We're still not quite sure what is served here and we've been by twice but the people working the place work like maniacs.

We finished up by checking out some of the lights in Da'an Park

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That looks more like your kind of food. And your hotel looks Dandy!