Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Asia Mega Tour II - A Tsunami of Fukuoka Pictures

Very little reading will be required of you during this post. Wife's blog is giving the very precise list of exactly what things we visited with pictures attached. I will be giving you more of a swath of impressions.

Buddhist Temples


Cherry and Plum Blossoms

Shinto Shrines

 Chinese Zodiac
 All this has a symbolic meaning but I don't remember what it is

 Purification before going into Shrine

Getting one's fortune
What you do with your fortune if you don't like it!

Crafts and customs
Japan is noted for government support for people upholding traditional crafts. This lovely lady (I just loved her expressions) does silk weaving.

These are like the old computer punch cards and determine the design of the fabric
How she keeps all the threads straight is a miracle to me

Our Guide Moka 
We had a good time with her. Lot's of life experiences we shared in common as well as the love of photography
Doing the short form tea ceremony (very short form)
After much discussion she mentioned a local place that was in the back of a produce shop that was basically Mom's cooking. We couldn't resist that. It was very simple and good. All kinds of interesting vegetable salads and pickles with a fish or meat to go along with it.

Picture of a wedding party we weren't supposed to take

City Views
This is of an archeological dig taking place of a facility where foreigners during the 8th/9th century came from China and elsewhere and were quarantined until their credentials were approved by the Japanese Emperor in Kyoto

Fukuoka Castle is mostly gone with only a few restored parts
Japanese Park and Garden
Just loved the garden. So many textures.

Our intrepid - if wet and cold adventurers
 I believe Wife is saying "#@!*&% It's raining!!!!

Of course Signs of the World
I think this says you have to wear a hat to fish while the one underneath I think mentions a place for drunk ducks to rest.
No peeing on the fish!

And the absolutely last thing we saw before heading back to the apartment...
A Rainbow :)


alexis said...

that lunch looks awesome! And I guess your photos would favor it but there did seem to be some blue sky?

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Yeah for powdered foods!