Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Things have been going day-to-day in a nice rhythm. But this will change soon as we will be on the travel adventure path so I thought I'd just put down some status reports on various themes I've been recording in the blog.


After a rough period after we got back from our Fall trip where I found the desire get out and hustle for the small amount of work that funds the travel portion of transitioned life (and was given a kick in the pants by certain individuals), I seem to have gotten fully comfortable with the partially working component of the semi-retired life and have been pursuing it with great gusto. What is important is that I do each component with enthusiasm but I no long feel any need to push the envelope beyond what is enjoyable and reasonably easy to do.  That means that when I do work, I'm rarely tired or stressed which is a key part to the 'retirement' part of semi-retirement.

The Story

Writing of The Story has (as I've mentioned in the past) become my primary evening leisure activity.  Every night once dinner is over, I get out the computer, put on music, read about 10 pages of the last things I wrote to get back into the story and then write and additional 4-6 pages.

I am deep, deep into the third of four books that are going to make up the cycle of stories related to this basic fantasy concept. I'm currently writing chapter 10 out of the 20 planned chapters and as of last night I was writing page # 260. There's a lot more to go. I've definitely decided I'm not going to do anything with this until I've finished all four of the books. Then depending on how I feel at that point (which at the rate I'm going is going to be years from now), I'll decided if I want to do any of the things necessary to go beyond just writing for myself.


Stay tuned! New travel adventures on the near horizon where Captain Jean-Luc de-I and second in command Dr. Wife Crusher take the Eldership and break all of their carefully crafted transitioned life travel rules and get swept up into the vortex that is a trip organized by the Poo Lee Shah Travel agency. If we had done our research, we would have found out that Poo Lee Shah Travel is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Magical Queendom of Pulandia. For those who may not remember, Pulandia is not restricted to a particular space in the universe. It miraculously appears in various times and places bringing with it its own set of rules associated with physics, the conservation of energy, peace, quiet, and chaos theory. If we had realized the Poo Lee Shah Agency was a portal into Pulandia we would have had our eyes much more opened as to what we were getting into!

If nothing else it should make for great blog fodder.


alexis said...

yes, you blog much more often on holiday so I'm looking forward to that.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Oh, I'm already looking forward to the travel posts. Pulandia sounds exhausting, but it makes for good posts.

Unknown said...

Do people actually return from Pulandia?

de-I said...

People return from Pulandia all the time...they just need LONG readjustment periods.