Sunday, February 14, 2016

Back To School

As we did back during Christmas and for our anniversary, Wife and I decided that we needed to do something for Valentine's Day. Fortunately this year Valentine's falls on a Sunday and with us now firmly in the 'nice Sunday mid-afternoon dinner' pattern, it was easy to make something we both loved.  But what else?

Cards? Cards for various events has gotten to be a sore spot because Wife and I are...well let's be nice a call us frugal. Going out and plunking every more money for Hallmark's latest just hasn't sat well. Wife had the idea we should buy a bunch at once and then just keep rotating them. But I came up with the idea that we should channel our inner kindergarten child and make them! Shockingly enough Wife actually thought this was a good idea.

So while dinner was cooking, out came the art supplies. This type of idea works well when one has lots of grandchildren and has various things on hand. Unfortunately with our grandchildren only visiting us rarely because of distance, a lot of our supplies were long past the expiration date. Also unfortunately neither Wife nor I are particularly talented in the graphic arts. But it's all about the participation, right?

Everything laid out and ready for action
What! Your kindergarten never served decade old Bordeaux during drawing time?
Maybe they should have and you'd still be doing art today.

Wife decided to go with the Hallmark inspiration

I on the other hand based my theme on the alchemistic idea of the four elements

In keeping with the Kindergarten theme this was followed by snacks or in our case a grilled ribeye steak, baked potato and steam broccoli with ample amounts more of Bordeaux and "I love you".


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Lovely cards! Maybe next year you should buy some glitter :)

Tee said...

I LOVE it! It says a lot about your love for each other that in spite of your self-proclaimed lack of artistic ability, you went forth with the project anyway. Personally, I think it's all about the effort.

I wonder what my hubby would say if I suggested this idea!

Agent W said...


Great idea! The creating of the cards are an expression of your love for each other!

Agent W said...

Great idea!
Creating these cards was a wonderful way to express your love for each other, humor and all!!