Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Day One Never Ends

So it was that our guides at Pooh Lee Shah travel wanted is to experience the night life scene of Hong Kong. So off we walked through the night in search of food and drink.

Our destination was a place that was reputed to be a kind of nouveau, fusion, Thai

What do you mean that you're tired?
That you've not even made it 17 hours in Asia yet?
That you can't make it through a reasonable meal?

Excuse us honorable hosts. How silly of us.
We will aim to please.

There followed a meal that was way beyond any Thai food I've had in the U.S. But I will reserve total judgment on this until later.

A version of larb - a stir-fried pork served with lettuce leaves for wrappers
A crab omelet - Loved this
Crab Fried Rice - Probably my least favorite
Grilled pork collar with dipping sauce -  really good both with and without sauce

Stir fried greens - Salty, sour, hot

There was a whole fried fish that somehow I missed getting a picture but was very good though I will admit we were getting stuffed then.
And for dessert we had this green papaya that you dipped in a spicy dry dip and a sweet dry dip.

And some kind of sweetened tapioca ball stuffed with something spicy in a sweet coconut milk sauce...not my favorite.

By the time we got to bed we still hadn't been in Hong Kong for 24 hours yet.

The next day I got to go the Hong Kong Football Club

Where I got see a player who looked amazingly like one of my granddaughters.

Who then joined me for lunch at this crazy good ramen place where I had something called Black Tora made with toasted garlic oil - really good.

Gad it's only day two!

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alexis said...

We had Ramen there - it was incredible!!!