Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 Asia Mega Tour - Finally...First Stop Hong Kong

After leaving our house at 4 AM in the morning, after three flights, and four airports, and 31 hours of total travel time we arrived at our first stop on the Mega Asia Tour - Hong Kong.

When arranging our tour with Pooh Lee Shah Travel they offered transfers from the airport with expedited immigration processing.

 Happy 24 hour telephone consultation is always a part of a Pooh Lee Shah tour
"Why you calling so late!"

Arriving at our plush apartment

We were given the exclusive 'Kitty Suite'

The view from our suite

We were given a walking tour of central Hong Kong to start

Wife with happy Pooh Lee Shah Tours guide

I surreptitiously took a picture of the US Consulate which evidently you're not supposed to do.
Daughter #2 works here.

Pictures in and round Hong Kong Park

'Sigh' Happy Lunching at a Malaysian Noodle joint
Nothing more satisfying the the real deal

One of the oldest buildings in Hong Kong, a Buddhist Temple

Although Chinese New Year is officially over there were still some decorations out

Doing street markets
According to our guide this was mercifully light in terms of people.
Wait until the weekend when it's crowded

Squash anyone?



Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

You were so lucky to receive the Kitty Suite! I've heard it's reserved for only A- list celebrities.

Bernice said...

How does one know which buildings or sites are off limits for the photographer?

Tom P said...

Getting the popcorn and hunkering down for the next few months. This beats the Amazing Race!

de-I said...

Bernice - The official 'Pooh Lee Shah guide tells you so while angrily grabbing your cell phone from you and waving a naughty finger in your face!

alexis said...

Nice view! I recommend the bar at your hotel - it's very well stocked and the bartender is ver knowledgeable.