Sunday, February 21, 2016

This Post Is A Placeholder Until Future More Interesting Posts Arrive

I am officially excited.

There is a mental process that takes place between the 'at home/semi-retired/partially working state' and the 'on-the-road/travel/adventure state. I have firmly made the leap to the later even though we don't leave until mid-next week.

Many folks ask, "How does one pack for trips as long as you go on?" The answer is of course you pack for a shorter trip and do laundry. We find that 12 days or so of clothing changes about does it. As we never do anything that requires dress wear, it's pretty much the same outfits with some variation for the climate and time of year.

Then you develop your algorithm for determining how much of toiletries, medicines, supplements, etc. that you will need. Once you've done a couple of these long trips, it's not that difficult to do it again. Wife has a whole check list for the financial side of life with all the requirements to do things online. She also handles things like what kind of electrical adapters we need for which countries. I handle the travel arrangement side.

Anyway, we're actually fairly ready to go with the exception of our final packing which you can't do until the day before.

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