Friday, March 6, 2015

More On Attachment

(Warning: Spiritual Content Follows)

I wrote last week about the revelation about my life long attachment to 'needing to prove something to someone'.  Yet another revelation on the topic of attachment to this world took place today.

Some background. 

I've been doing serious spiritual work since 1979 when I met my teacher.  Since then I meditate virtually every day and do a number of other spiritual practices.  It is not infrequent during meditation that answers to problems or issues come up.  It will be after I've struggled with something for a while.  These are always in the form of the idea just being there; kind of dropping from the either so to speak. 

There other time...very rare times...when a voice says something to me.  This happened very early on during my spiritual path and it was what convinced me that I was truly on the right path for me.  This voice is very clearly (fill in the blank) the voice of truth, God, the unity, the holy spirit.  What ever you call it, it is so clearly not just the usual voice in my head and it is always about something very, very, significant to where I am in my spiritual journey.

I was doing my exercise hike this morning.  I time these to maximize my solitude and I usually am doing mantra repetition during the majority of my hike.  Following on the line of thought associated with my prior revelation, I'd been thinking a lot about the number of times I offer to assist people - especially using my professional skills - and am never taken up.  This has always been very frustrating.   There are a couple instances like that with people I care about right now.

So 'the voice' comes to me and says, "I Gave You Your Talent To Trap You." I interpret 'trap' as 'to keep you attached to this world'.  This was another sort of lightening bolt, AHA moment.  All this frustration about my assistance/talent not being accepted by others, just another mechanism to keep me trapped in this world. 

Hmmmmmmm.   Much more to contemplate.


alexis said...

Oh darn, I am only reading this now! I would have loved to have talked about this during our weekly call.

terri said...

I would so love to be in a place where I can hear that voice. As many years as I've been involved in faith practices, I feel so much that I've lost precious time not really understanding what I was seeking. With recent revelations, I feel like it's merely the tip of the iceberg and that I have such a long way to go towards discipline and really knowing how to listen. Regardless, I'll take guidance wherever I can find it - such as here. It makes sense to combine daily disciplines in a way that fosters the ability to meditate and listen.

I'm curious to see how your newfound discovery impacts you going forward.