Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting Ready For Travel Via Vest

Wife and I are getting ready for another of our travel exploits.  On this trip we are yet again going to be exposing ourselves to wonderful world of discount air travel as one of the places we're going only can be reached effectively by such a carrier.  This means having to deal with the inevitable luggage number and weight restrictions.

Travel bud, stinky cheese partner, and fellow home improvement addict Barry showed me this product when he was in town recently called the 'SCOTTeVEST'.  This is basically a vest with a crap load of pockets, cleverly designed to disguise that you're carry all this stuff and move the weight around so you it is well balanced.  Wife and I decided this was the best way to dump my briefcase and provide us with the flexibility to move some things out of suit case for weight requirements.

Bought it and tried it out on my latest trip to Chicago.  There report is that while you can put a crap load of stuff in it, that may make it really awkward for sitting in a tight airplane seat.  I adjusted what I'm putting into it so I still have lots of stuff that I use all the time on the plane but not necessarily everything in the briefcase.  Will need a small knapsack as well which still gets us under the airline requirements

Picture of me - vest enabled

Here's what was in the vest when I took the picture

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Agent W and the Derf said...

Have "vest" will travel!!
Hope it works out great for you!
Safe travels, my friends!