Friday, March 13, 2015

No 'B's'...No 'P's'

I was having one of my many business networking lunches a couple of days ago.  After my wallowing in self-pity via the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich on Wednesday in Denver International Airport, I was back on the straight and narrow.  So for lunch I order a quinoa salad.

This particular version was very light on the salad dressing.  Therefore, the individual grains of quinoa were quite separate.  As we continued our conversation, I noticed that I was spraying my lunch companion on a rather regular basis.  In fact it was a bit if I had this quinoa sawed off shot gun.

Lunch partner and I did a bit of experimentation and discovered that the explosive sounds 'B' and 'P' were particularly bad in terms of facilitating the quinoa grapeshot.  As a result I made the most determined effort to continue our conversation without using words with B's or P' least until I had finished my salad.

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alexis said...

oh dear, dangers of quinoa!